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And Now Back To Our Show!

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment


So I’m also taking a few weeks off because me and Bex are gettin’ read for the weddin’ of the century on 10/10/10.


But we also decided to give home made brittle away as our gift to the guests. Its my job to cook the brittle.

Mother of God…. I have scars on my hands from 300F brittle goop bonding to my skin, shards of razorlike candy cutting into my flesh…. not to mention all the other things like “playlist” and “Dj equipment” I have to come up with as we’re doing it ourselves too! So anyway…. See you the 15th with the continuation of our story!


Twilight sounds like Twitter

She's a character right?

Goth Web Comic Makes Joke About TWILIGHT NEW MOON?

20: PhillyGoth Bestiary Part 1

Do you know how hard it was to make this not offensive?

19 File Under the Catagory of Bad Ideas

With great volume comes great responsability.

If you ever meet eddie threat ask him abotu the bats.

18 With Respects to Areosmith

Huh, huh, huh... he said inch.

I ran out of black and used my tears for this one.