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Why Can’t We Not Be Sober?

No Punchline

Down the Road not across the street?


Twilight sounds like Twitter

She's a character right?

Goth Web Comic Makes Joke About TWILIGHT NEW MOON?

Phantasm Balls! GET IT?

Next week back to GothLol / 24HPP as usual with a huge double comic.

Guest Spot by Eddie Threat

By Eddie Threat


I hate packing.

For the next few weeks Eddie Threat (yes, he’s real) will be filling in with his new comic SPLATTERBAND.

20: PhillyGoth Bestiary Part 1

Do you know how hard it was to make this not offensive?

19 File Under the Catagory of Bad Ideas

With great volume comes great responsability.

If you ever meet eddie threat ask him abotu the bats.