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Why Can’t We Not Be Sober?

No Punchline

Down the Road not across the street?

  1. July 9, 2010 at 11:16 am

    no, im with you there, i miss the way things were. they way you were something,and the things, sometimes so simple that could tell you apart from those that weren’t ‘one of us’.

    lets bring back that law, lets open a comic shop, you and i. together we will judge our congregation, and slaughter the unworthy on our flock.

    mmmmm, smells like lamb for dinner, mike :-)

    • ninetwelveband
      July 9, 2010 at 2:34 pm

      Man, can we sell web comics? “TEN CENTS for PENNY ARCADE!”

  2. July 9, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Sure, we were younger, and one is rightfully tempted to say that our younger days are always better than the maturity with its responsibility and so forth.

    However, aside from that, in some countries more than others, there still were some other values aside from the net worth in the nineties. One could still dream of becoming famous and great, while now the youth dreams only of being rich. While we were happy spending time outside with the buddies, talking latest obscure (and not too obscure) music, kicking a home-made Hacky Sack around, and eating nothing for we had no allowances and no scholarships. Now, it appears, as if without an iPhone, iPod, iPad, XBox, DS and any other material object, the fun is impossible. Nowadays, one may reveal their feelings to the object of their desire through SMS while sitting next to the latter in the café.

    Yes, we were young and now we look old to those slim-wearing youngsters void of an unbranded soul; but we also lived in the world where while money was king, it was a loathed ruler for our generation, not an adored idol to whom everything is bestowed. Bestowed, it seems like, in an attempt to fill the empty space once taken by what we call “spirit.”

    Morose, perhaps, but the future is in our hands, and while we keep living, thinking, loving, and raging for more than a dull robotic material existence, there is hope. At least, I hope…

  3. July 9, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    You definitely cued in on the heart of this strip- I’m asking the question, “Why is it different? Am I missing the good times now or will I have anything to appreciate about my 20’s?”

    Did the music die or did our heart? There’s really very little heart in today’s music- even the indie stuff. And our alternative culture seems more like a lab culture- brewed up by social scientists. You’re not “goth” you’re the “target audience”.

    “[money was the] loathed ruler for our generation, not an adored idol…”

    That’s a sentiment worth considering and may cut right to the point. I might suggest that the youngins today are missing out in so much as instead of “dreaming” of accomplishing goals and maybe being respect they are “EXPECTING” to be rich and famous.

    And social networks are just feeding that. You’re a rock star to your virtual network. “COmment on my pics!” My sister informs me that a ‘comment’ or ‘wall post’ causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as a hug. They call it the cuddle effect.

    So maybe these kids don’t even have to dream- they are answering all their needs digitally.

    Which pill was it Neo took?

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